Announcement: Pasadena Museum of California Art is Planning an Armin Hansen Retrospective Exhibition and Book for January 2015

8 Jun

hansen-storm-birds-LARGEArmin Hansen, Storm Birds (c. 1920s)

Note: click on image to enlarge

Simon, a follower of Art Out The Wazoo, commented on my recent Armin Hansen blog post (May 20, 2013), reporting that the Pasadena Museum of California Art (PMCA) is working on a new retrospective show and book on Armin Hansen. According to Simon, Crocker Art Museum’s Scott Shields is the guest curator.  The show will open in January 2015 at PMCA then travel to Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento. There will be one or two additional travel venues thereafter.

As for the book, Simon advises it will be very similar to Edgar Payne: The Scenic Journey published by PMCA with Pomegranate in conjunction with last year’s successful exhibition of the same title. The research is reportedly extensive and includes information never previously published.

In my blog post of a few weeks ago I lamented that Armin Hansen seems to have fallen a bit off the map in recent years.  Thank you, PMCA, for doing something about that!  And thank you, Simon, for the heads up — have a great weekend!

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