Bob Baker, “Dandelions” (2013)

3 Jun

IMG_3136Bob Baker, Dandelions (2013)

Note: click on image to enlarge

Hello world, here’s my painting from today.  As some of you know I’m a fan of the humble dandelion.  I know they’re controversial, but I follow in the great tradition of G.K. Chesterton who also loved them.  In Chesterton’s own words,

I do not believe in Reincarnation, if indeed I ever did; and since I have owned a garden (for I cannot say since I have been a gardener) I have realised better than I did that there really is a case against weeds. But in substance what I said about the dandelion is exactly what I should say about the sunflower or the sun, or the glory which (as the poet said) is brighter than the sun. The only way to enjoy even a weed is to feel unworthy even of a weed.

G.K. Chesterton, Autobiography.  

chesterton-2G.K. Chesterton accepting the gift of a dandelion from a child

I’m with Chesterton on most things, including dandelions.  When you were a kid you probably picked some and gave them to your mom, right?  I know I did.  Lumps and all, there’s something “right” about a flower so common that a kid with no money can nonetheless make a gift of them to mom.  That’s the dandelion.

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