Impressions of Louveciennes

16 Mar

Alfred Sisley, A Path in Louveciennes (1876)

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Over 120 impressionist landscapes were painted in and around Louveciennes — about ten miles west of Paris — by Alfred Sisley, Camille Pissarro, Claude Monet and Pierre Auguste Renoir.  Truly a magical spot in the history of oil painting.  Sisley probably painted it most — he lived there — but all of the impressionists were fond of the place.  The composer Camille Saint-Saens lived in Louveciennes from 1865-70.

Alfred Sisley, Chemin_de_la_Machine_Louveciennes_1873 2Alfred Sisley, Chemin de la Machine, Louveciennes (1873)

camille-pissarro-The-Road-to-Louveciennes-at-the-Outskirts-of-the-Forest-1871Camille Pissarro, The Road to Louveciennes at the Outskirts of the Forest (1871)

Monet-Road-to-Louveciennes-melting-snow-children-sunset-1870Claude Monet, Road to Louveciennes, Melting Snow, Children, Sunset (1870)

Village-Street,-Louveciennes-largePierre Auguste Renoir, Village Street, Louveciennes (1872)

Alfred-Sisley-Early-Snow-in-Louveciennes-1870Alfred Sisley, Early Snow in Louveciennes (1870)

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