Alfred Sisley and the Church at Moret

23 May


Alfred Sisley, The Church at Moret, Icy Weather (1893)

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Greetings, Alfred Sisley Fans!  As regular followers of this blog know, I’m a Sisley lover.  I’m intrigued by the way Sisley married the restraint of the Barbizon School — especially Corot — and the vibrancy of the Impressionists.  I’ve always been interested in Sisley’s depictions of the Church at Moret.  Like Monet with his haystacks, Sisley chose to depict the same subject in varied light and atmospheric conditions.

Alfred Sisley, The Church at Moret, Rainy Morning, No. 1 (1893)

Alfred Sisley, The Church at Moret, Rainy Morning, No. 2 (1893)

It seems I never see all of Sisley’s Moret Church paintings displayed together, so I wanted to remedy that.  Actually I’m not 100% certain I’ve captured them all — Sisley painted this church a lot — but I have most of them at least.

Every time I see one of these serial depictions of the same subject I’m reminded how different the same object can look depending on the surrounding conditions.  Sisley’s subtle understanding of light is on maximum display in these paintings and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Alfred Sisley, The Church at Moret, Winter (1894)

Alfred Sisley, The Church at Moret (1894)

Alfred Sisley, The Church at Moret, Afternoon (1894)

2 Responses to “Alfred Sisley and the Church at Moret”

  1. petersalwen May 23, 2012 at 2:57 am #

    I’ve always loved this series too (and almost anything by the unjustly underrated Sisley, for that matter); great to see six of them all together all together. Thanks

    • bobbalouie May 23, 2012 at 12:40 pm #

      Thanks for commenting. I agree, Sisley has never gotten his due. I did find one good book containing Sisley’s work — aptly entitled “Sisley,” edited by Richard Shone, published Phaidon Press, London, 1979 and 1994. I got my copy off of AbeBooks online for only a few bucks (used library book). But mainly Sisley’s been overlooked, which I find astounding. He’s really great.

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