Nine Favorite Paintings By Vincent Van Gogh

9 Feb

Vincent Van Gogh, Vue de l’asile et de la Chapelle de Saint-Rémy (1889)

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I just heard in the news that Elizabeth Taylor’s Van Gogh painting Vue de l’asile et de la Chapelle de Saint-Rémy (top of post) was recently auctioned off at Christie’s for just under $16,000,000.  The convergence of the names Vincent Van Gogh and Elizabeth Taylor certainly helped the price, but I was very taken with the painting itself.  In it, Van Gogh depicts the asylum in which he spent the final months of his life.  He painted this on one of the occasions when he was allowed outdoors after having been confined for six months in the asylum.  So it’s a very poignant work.

Vincent Van Gogh, Almond Branches in Bloom (1890)

Van Gogh loved to paint flowers, and his Almond Branches in Bloom (above) has always been a favorite of mine.  I love the design simplicity and cool color palette.  This is in contrast to the very warm palette Van Gogh used in his famous Twelve Sunflowers (below).

Vincent Van Gogh, Twelve Sunflowers (1889)

It is easy to forget Van Gogh’s very dramatic and beautiful religious art.  Two of my favorites are his Pieta (below top) with its fabulous use of contrasting warm and cool colors and dark outlining of the figures — much as one would see in a stained glass window.  Georges Rouault used the same technique to great effect in his work.  I also love The Good Samaritan (below bottom).  Again there are contrasting warms and cools but the colors are earthier.

Vincent Van Gogh, Pieta (1889)

Vincent Van Gogh, The Good Samaritan (1890)

I have a special regard for Van Gogh’s landscapes.  I love the warm golds and dark outlining in Noon Rest, After Millet (below top).  The blues and greens in Wheat Field With Cypresses (below bottom) are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen; Van Gogh had a very subtle eye for greens and that is on full display in this one.

Vincent Van Gogh, Noon Rest, After Millet (1890)

Vincent Van Gogh, Wheat Field With Cypresses (c. 1889)

Van Gogh’s Sower With Setting Sun (below top) and Sower Against Setting Sun, After Millet (below bottom) are two of the best examples of yellow-violet color complementarity.  They’re dazzling, aren’t they?  There’s nobody like Van Gogh.  Later.

Vincent Van Gogh, Sower With Setting Sun (1888)

Vincent Van Gogh, Sower Against Setting Sun, After Millet (1881)

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