Bob Baker, “Still Life, Apples and Bottle, in the Manner of Degas” (2017); “Still Life With Apples” (2017); “Altoids Challenge” (2017)

29 Apr

FullSizeRender (16)Bob Baker, Still Life, Apples and Bottle, in the Manner of Degas (2017)

I just got some new soft pastels and decided to try doing a still life in the manner of Edgar Degas.  I found a couple of good sources that elaborate on his technique, which involves first sketching the subject in charcoal and then layering in successive strata of color after first locking in the prior layer with a fixative.  It really works and allows for a very unique effect.  If you’re interested in this sort of thing here are links to my sources:

Below are two more recent paintings.  The first is another pastel still life and the second is my personal shot at the Altoids Challenge, in which the painter tries creating the best possible work that will fit inside the lid of an Altoids mint box.  It was a lot of fun!

17991010_10208597564718862_1090144793394683776_nBob Baker, Still Life With Apples (2017)

18056819_10208655389804453_6275532817780900475_nBob Baker, Altoids Challenge (2017)

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