Bob Baker, “Ohio River Near Evansville, Sunset” (2017)

29 Jan

baker-ohio-riverBob Baker, Ohio River Near Evansville, Sunset (2017)

Here’s today’s painting.  This depicts the north bank of the Ohio River near Evansville, Indiana at sunset.  For you locals this is the view west from the Angel Mounds boat ramp at 7:00 p.m.-ish.  When I started back oil painting a few years back I consciously used Canadian landscapist Tom Thomson as my model.  This past week I reconnected with Thomson’s work and was motivated to do this one in Thomson’s style (or as close as I’m able to get).  For any of you looking for a great artist to emulate — try Thomson.  He’s a legend in Canada and for good reason.  Here’s but one example:

Oil on wood
22.2 x 27.3 cmTom Thomson, Tamaracks (1914)

Thomson is to oil painting what Hemingway is to writing.  Check him out.  Have a good rest of the weekend.


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