Bob Baker, “Portrait Of Kim Basinger” (2014)

25 Aug

IMG_3679Bob Baker, Portrait of Kim Basinger (2014)

Note: click on image to enlarge

Here’s my newest chiaroscuro drawing, as I continue to apply the principles laid down by William L. Maughan in his excellent book The Artist’s Complete Guide to Drawing the Head (2004 Watson-Guptill New York).  As I’ve said in prior posts, Maughan’s book provides a complete system for drawing the head in the Renaissance style, right down to the materials.  Each is rendered in pastel pencil using two of the colors in the CarbOthello line — Caput Mortuum Red and Titanium White — on Strathmore’s Velvet Gray charcoal drawing paper.

I’m deviating from Maughan’s system in one respect by using well-lit photos I found on the internet in lieu of my own live models.  But I’ll shortly be transitioning to my own peeps so stay tuned.  I’d credit the photographer who got this excellent shot of Kim Basinger, but I don’t have a name.  It’s not a perfect fit with the Renaissance system since it has light coming in from at least two angles — Maughan says stick to one —  making it more complex to draw.  But it was still very well lit and had a nice dark background which I like.


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