Bob Baker, “Portrait of Catherine Deneuve” (2014)

16 Aug

IMG_3624Bob Baker, Portrait of Catherine Deneuve (2014)

Note: click on image to enlarge

Here’s my second foray into portrait drawing, using the chiaroscuro method as taught by William Maughan in his book Painting the Head.  Again I relied on a photo from the internet and I’d be happy to credit the photographer if only I had a name.  I was looking for a photo that was well lit, and there are a bunch of Catherine Deneuve that fit the bill.  This is Catherine c. 1968.

As I noted last post, Maughan has a very specific method whereby you establish the mid-tone using a gray paper, then use pastel pencils in two different shades — Caput Mortuum Red and Titanium White — to establish shadows and highlights.  It really works.  Eventually I’ll start lighting my own subjects but I’m acclimating myself to the method using online photos.

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