Colin Campbell Cooper

6 Feb

Cooper_-_Palace_of_Fine_Arts,_San_Francisco-1915Colin Campbell Cooper, Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco (1915)

cooper-wall-street-ferry-1914Colin Campbell Cooper, Wall Street Ferry (1914)

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Colin Campbell Cooper, Jr. (1856-1937) was an American Impressionist painter best known for his architectural paintings, especially the skylines of of New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago.  He was also known for his paintings of European and Asian landmarks, as well as landscapes, portraits, still lifes and interiors. His first wife,  Emma Lampert Cooper, was likewise a successful and highly-regarded painter.

Recently I featured the French cityscape painter Eugene Galien-Laloue, of whom I’m a big fan.  Cooper, in my view, is America’s answer to Galien-Laloue.  His cityscapes are as breathtaking as his interior scenes are warm and intimate.  A number of his paintings remind me of Ashcan School artist John French Sloan — yet another artist I love.  Cooper has become a real favorite of mine — I hope you enjoy his work as much as I do!

cooper-self-portrait-1923Colin Campbell Cooper, Self Portrait (1923)

cooper-Terrace_at_Samarkand_Hotel-c1923Colin Campbell Cooper, Terrace at Samarkand Hotel, Santa Barbara (1923)

Cooper-xx-Flatiron-Building-xx-Dallas-Museum-of-ArtColin Campbell Cooper, Flatiron Building (c. 1915)

Cooper,_Taj_Mahal,_AfternoonColin Campbell Cooper, Taj Mahal, Afternoon (date unknown)

Cooper-cottage-interiorColin Campbell Cooper, Cottage Interior (date unknown)

Cooper-xx-Rooftops-at-Sunset-xx-Private-CollectionColin Campbell Cooper, Rooftops at Sunset (date unknown)

Cooper-xx-Broadway-xx-Biggs-Museum-of-American-ArtColin Campbell Cooper, Broadway (c. 1915-20)

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