John French Sloan, “Easter Eve” (1907)

3 May

Sloan-Easter-EveJohn French Sloan, Easter Eve (1907)

Note: click on image to enlarge

John Sloan (1871 – 1951) is one of the best-known painters of the so-called Ashcan School (a moniker Sloan despised, but which has become a badge of honor).  The School, a loose grouping of painters with a populist bent led by Robert Henri, included  the likes of Sloan, Everett Shinn and William Glackens.  George Bellows would probably be grouped with the Ashcan School but for his late arrival in New York and untimely death at age 42.  Ashcan School painters generally featured with affection the ordinary men, women, children and neighborhoods of New York City.

Nobody better epitomizes the Ashcan School than John Sloan.  He loved ordinary, working-class people and the events of their daily lives.  Group him with Charles Dickens and Frank Capra.  I really love this one, and it’s timely here in Chicago where we are finally beginning to experience the Spring!

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