John French Sloan — Five More Paintings

23 Feb

sloane-sunset-west-twenty-third-street-1906John French Sloan, Sunset, West Twenty-Third Street (1905-06)

Note: click on any image to enlarge

Here are five more paintings from one of my favorite American artists, Ashcan School painter John French Sloan.  A close friend of Robert Henri, Sloan is best known for his vivid depictions of working class life in early-20th Century New York.  Sloan combines an honest treatment of urban life with genuine affection for his subjects — he doesn’t turn away from the grit so much as transcend it.  I particularly love the rooftop laundress in Sunset, West Twenty-Third Street.  Classic Sloan.

sloan-quaker-nell-1916John French Sloan, Quaker Nell (1916)

sloan-rocks-and-weeds-1917John French Sloan, Rocks and Weeds (1917)

sloane-carol-with-red-curls-1913.jpg!BlogJohn French Sloan, Carol With Red Curls (1913)

sloane-street-lilacs-noon-sun-1918John French Sloan, Street, Lilacs, Noon Sun (1918)

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