Ivan Shishkin

11 Feb

Shishkin_Morning_in_the_Pine_tree_Forest_1889Ivan Shishkin, Morning in the Pine Tree Forest (1889)

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shishkin-in-the-wild-north-1891Ivan Shishkin, In the Wild North (1891)

shishkin-c1880Ivan Shishkin, c. 1880

Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin (1832-1898) was a Russian landscape painter and one of the most prominent members of the so-called Peredvizhniki movement.  “Peredvizhniki,” which translates to English as the “Wanderers” or “Itinerants”  were a group of Russian realist painters who rejected strict academic restrictions and formed a cooperative which by around 1870 evolved into the Society for Travelling Art Exhibitions.  The Society was devoted to spreading knowledge of art among ordinary people and to obliterating distinctions between “high” and “low” art.

PeredvizhnikiThe Peredvizhniki (c. 1870)

Shishkin-midday-in-the-environs-of-moscowIvan Shishkin, Midday in the Environs of Moscow

Shishkin-oak-of-the-forest-1887Ivan Shishkin, Oak of the Forest (1887)

Shishkin-The Sun-lit-Pines-1886Ivan Shishkin, The Sunlit Pines (1886)

Shishkin was born in Yelabuga and graduated from the Kazan Gymnasium. He studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture and later attended the Saint Petersburg Imperial Academy of Arts, from which he graduated with highest honors.  Five years later he became a member of the Imperial Academy where he was professor of painting from 1873 to 1898.

Shishkin-The-Rye-Field-1878Ivan Shishkin, The Rye Field (1878)

Shishkin-untitled-landscape-1865Ivan Shishkin, Untitled Landscape (1865)

Shishkin-untitled-landscape-1883Ivan Shishkin, Untitled Landscape (1883)

Shishkin spent time in Switzerland and Germany on scholarship from the Imperial Academy.  His method was based on careful study and analysis of nature.   He is most famous for his forest landscapes, which are among the greatest in the history of art.  Although Shishkin is classed as a realist his depictions of nature are highly poetic — reminiscent of the Barbizon School and the Luminists.

Interesting bit of trivia: in 1978 Soviet astronomer Lyudmila Zhuralyova named a minor planet after Shishkin — 3558 Shishkin.  Not bad, Ivan!

Shishkin-untitlrd-1888Ivan Shishkin, Untitled Landscape (1888)

Shishkin-untitled-1891Ivan Shishkin, Untitled Landscape (1891)

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