Bob Baker, “Mary’s Motel, Tarawa” (2013)

3 Feb

IMG_2657Bob Baker, Mary’s Motel, Tarawa (2013)

Note: click on image to enlarge

Here’s my latest.  It depicts Mary’s Motel on Tarawa Atoll, part of the Gilbert group of islands in the Central Pacific.  I love this sort of subject.  It’s hard to imagine a more remote place on Earth than Tarawa, yet even here you can find a decent motel.

Tarawa is perhaps best known as the site of the WW II Battle of Tarawa — fought mainly in November 1943.  The battle,  spearheaded by amphibious elements of the United States Marine Corps, was the first U.S. offensive in the Central Pacific and the first amphibious attack to meet with significant resistance.  The Marines ultimately prevailed over the 4,500 Japanese defending the atoll, but not without heavy casualties.

It’s hard to recall Tarawa’s bloody history when you look out on the Pacific from the peaceful confines of Mary’s Motel.  You may someday find yourself on Tarawa.  When that occurs you will know where to stay!

Happy Sunday.

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