Bob Baker, “Jumbo Pass, Purcell Mountains” (2012) and “Cascade Mountain, Canadian Rockies” (2012)

27 Dec

IMG_2631Bob Baker, Jumbo Pass, Purcell Mountains (2012)

IMG_2632Bob Baker, Cascade Mountain, Canadian Rockies (2012)

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Barring something unforeseen, this will be my last blog post of 2012.  It’s been a great year — thanks for your support and please keep following in 2013.  Happy New Year!

I’m ending the year with two paintings of my own.   In both of these I was trying to emulate one of my all time favorite landscape painters, the Canadian Tom Thomson. Thomson’s work, generally completed in the field in a single painting session, is characterized by its boldness and simplicity — great qualities for paintings in general and perfect for Thomson’s mission of depicting the rugged Canadian wilderness.  I still haven’t arrived at Thomson’s vibe, but I’m working on it.  I find that my painting only improves when I follow Thomson.

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