Bob Baker, “Mundelein Seminary, View Across the Lake in Autumn” (2012)

17 Nov

Bob Baker, Mundelein Seminary, View Across the Lake in Autumn (2012)

Note: click on image to enlarge

After a short hiatus (busy at work and home, that sort of thing) I’m back to oil painting.  This past Autumn a friend of mine and I drove up to Mundelein, Illinois, to attend the Mass commemorating the installation of Fr. Robert Barron as the new Rector-President of Mundelein Seminary — one of the largest Roman Catholic seminaries in the United States and a flagship institution of the Church in America.  It was a beautiful day in every respect and I knew I’d be doing some oil painting!

This particular painting depicts the view across the Seminary lake, looking roughly east to west, and you can see the spire of the chapel in the background.  If you’ve never been up there you should give it a go.  It’s a place of striking natural beauty and impeccably maintained.  The architecture is quite interesting, too.  The chapel, in particular, is interesting for being predominantly Neo-Classical in design — rather unusual for a Roman Catholic church.

Have a good weekend.

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