Baker Gallery

2 Jun

1.  Bob Baker, Laidlaw Park, Western Springs (2009)

2.  Bob Baker, Spring Rock Park, Western Springs (2009)

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Over the past few weeks I’ve had three or four people ask me if there was a place online where they could conveniently view my art in one grouping.  The answer was no.  I’ve thought about setting up an online gallery but it requires a degree of technical savvy that’s beyond me without hardcore outside assistance.

Nonetheless, it occurred to me that I could just publish images of my paintings here in a single blog post and then just modify the post to add new stuff as I go along.  That way I can at least direct people to one single place where they can see my stuff.  Not ideal, but better than nothing.  So here it is — you’ve been warned!

One last thing.  I’ve done my best to post quality images but they’re not always perfect.  Wherever that’s the case the blame rests squarely on the photographer:  me.

3.  Bob Baker, Haystacks, Waupaca County, Wisconsin (2009)

4.  Bob Baker, St. Meinrad Archabbey (2009)

5.  Bob Baker, Channelling Constable – Cyclorama Model for Set Design of Waiting in the Wings (2010)

6.  Bob Baker, Gay Head, Martha’s Vineyard (2011)

7.  Bob Baker, Covered Bridge, Old Sturbridge Village (2011)

8.  Bob Baker, The Road to Christ in the Desert Monastery, No. 1 (2011)

9.  Bob Baker, The Road to Christ in the Desert Monastery, No. 2 (2011)

10.  Bob Baker, Belle of Louisville (2011)

11.  Bob Baker, Sunset, Posey County, Indiana (2011)

12.  Bob Baker, Coal Barge, Ohio River (2011)

13.  Bob Baker, The Tooth of Time, Philmont Scout Ranch (2011)

14.  Bob Baker, Delta Queen (2011)

15.  Bob Baker, Sparky (2011)

16.  Bob Baker, Julia Belle Swain (2012)

17.  Bob Baker, Barn, Putnam County, Indiana (2011)

18.  Bob Baker, Four Arch Bridge, Putnam County, Indiana (2011)

19.  Bob Baker, Houck Bridge, Putnam County, Indiana (2011)

20.  Bob Baker, Oakalla Bridge, Putnam County, Indiana (2011)

21.  Bob Baker, Steel Bridge, Putnam County, Indiana (The Jumping Bridge) (2011)

22.  Bob Baker, Barn, Waupaca County, Wisconsin (2011)

23.  Bob Baker, Memorial Day, New Harmony, Indiana (2011)

24.  Bob Baker, English Coast (2011)

25.  Bob Baker, Farm Road No. 1, Gethsemani Abbey (2011)

26.  Bob Baker, Autumn Soybeans, Gethsemani Abbey (2011)

27.  Bob Baker, Farm Road No. 2, Gethsemani Abbey (2011)

28.  Bob Baker, Gethsemani Abbey (2011)

29.  Bob Baker, Tree and Fall Soybean Field, Gethsemani Abbey (2011)

30.  Bob Baker, Farm Road No. 3, Gethsemani Abbey (2012)

31.  Bob Baker, Haystacks and Cross, Gethsemani Abbey (2012)

32.  Bob Baker, Barn and House Near Evansville, Indiana (2012)

33.  Bob Baker, Haystacks and Trees, Gethsemani Abbey (2012)

34.  Bob Baker, Winter Scene, Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve (2012)

35.  Bob Baker, Tahiti (2012)

36.  Bob Baker, Patmos (2012)

37.  Bob Baker, Charcoal Sketch, Still Life With Apples (2012)

38.  Bob Baker, Charcoal Sketch, Gethsemani Abbey (2011-12)

39.  Bob Baker, Charcoal Sketch, Gethsemani Abbey (2011-12)

40.  Bob Baker, Patmos No. 2 (2012)

41.  Bob Baker, The Road to Halki, Naxos (2012)

42.  Bob Baker, A Fifteen-Minute Pochade: My Backyard Shed (2012)

43.  Bob Baker, Patmos No. 3, Roses, Monastery of St. John (2012)

44.  Bob Baker, Pochade, Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve (2012)

45.  Bob Baker, Thirassia (2012)

46.  Bob Baker, No. 653, Venture Out (2012)

47.  Bob Baker, Gethsemani Abbey, Spring Sunset (2012)

48.  Bob Baker, Head of Christ in the Style of Rouault a/k/a Rouault Copy (2012)

49.  Bob Baker, Head of Christ in the Style of Rouault a/k/a Rouault Copy No. 2 (2012)

50.  Bob Baker, Amboise, France (2012)

51.  Bob Baker, MacIntosh Cottage, Waupaca, Wisconsin (2012)

IMG_247852.  Bob Baker, Day Lily, Western Springs (2012)

IMG_245753.  Bob Baker, Sunflowers, Waupaca County, Wisconsin (2012)

IMG_259254.  Bob Baker, Lapin Agile No. 1 (2012)

IMG_259655.  Bob Baker, Lapin Agile No. 2 (2012)

IMG_262656.  Bob Baker, Gethsemani Abbey, Spring Sunrise (2012)

IMG_262257.  Bob Baker, Gethsemani Abbey Daisy (2012)

IMG_262958.  Bob Baker, Jumbo Pass, Purcell Mountains (2012)

IMG_263259.  Bob Baker, Cascade Mountain (2012)

IMG_263660.  Bob Baker, Broadway (2012)

IMG_263961.  Bob Baker, Carnegie Deli (2013)

IMG_264962.  Bob Baker, Portrait (2013)

IMG_265763.  Bob Baker, Mary’s Motel, Tarawa (2013)

IMG_271464.  Bob Baker, Shrimp Boat Minh Mai, Panama City, Florida (2013)

IMG_271765.  Bob Baker, Path to the Beach, Venture Out, Panama City Beach, Florida (2013)

img_2849166.  Bob Baker, The Empty Tomb (2013)

IMG_294167.  Bob Baker, View of Panama City Beach, Florida Looking West From the Fishing Pier at St. Andrew State Park (2013)

IMG_294468.  Bob Baker, Floating Shrimp Stand, Panama City, Florida (2013)

IMG_294569.  Bob Baker, Sedona, About a 7 Iron (2013)

IMG_295770.  Bob Baker, Oak Tree, Mayslake Forest Preserve (2013)

IMG_295971.  Bob Baker, Dandelions (2013)

IMG_313872.  Bob Baker, O.K. Market, Madison and 92nd Street, New York, No. 1 (2013)

IMG_314173.  Bob Baker, O.K. Market, Madison and 92nd Street, New York, No. 2 (2013)

IMG_317274.  Bob Baker, Western Springs Fruit Store (2013)

IMG_319075.  Bob Baker, In the Ring (2013)

IMG_320276.  Bob Baker, Avalanche Lake, Glacier National Park (2013)

IMG_320577.  Bob Baker, Oglala-Lakota Tipi (2013)

IMG_321078.  Bob Baker, Mayslake Peabody Estate No. 1 (Plein Air) (2013)

IMG_321379.  Bob Baker, Mayslake Peabody Estate No. 2 (Plein Air) (2013)

IMG_321480.  Bob Baker, Philmont Scout Ranch, Ascending Mt. Baldy (2013)

IMG_328981.  Bob Baker, Wolf Road Prairie No. 1 (Plein Air) (2013)

IMG_329282.  Bob Baker, Wolf Road Prairie No. 2 (Plein Air) (2013)

IMG_329583.  Bob Baker, Wolf Road Prairie No. 3 (Plein Air) (2013)

IMG_331884.  Bob Baker, Bemis Woods No. 1 (Plein Air) (2013)

IMG_332385.  Bob Baker, Bemis Woods No. 2 (Plein Air) (2013)

IMG_332586.  Bob Baker, Jensen Beach, Florida, No. 1 (2013)

IMG_333287.  Bob Baker, Jensen Beach, Florida, No. 2 (2013)

IMG_335088.  Bob Baker, Mayslake Peabody Estate No. 3 (Plein Air) (2013)

IMG_335489.  Bob Baker, Mayslake Peabody Estate No. 4 (Plein Air) (2013)

IMG_335790.  Bob Baker, Mayslake Peabody Estate No. 5 (Plein Air) (2013)

IMG_345791. Bob Baker, ’76 Monte Carlo Does Florida Spring Break, 1980 (2013)

IMG_345992.  Bob Baker, Philmont Scout Ranch, Treeline and Clouds (2013)

IMG_347093.  Bob Baker, Storefront in Stormy Weather, Cimarron, New Mexico (2013)

Baker-trotter-201394.  Bob Baker, Trotter (2013)

Baker-crucifixion-style-of-rouault-201395.  Bob Baker, Crucifixion, in the Style of Rouault (2013)

Baker-janko's-little-zagreb-bloomington-indiana-201396.  Bob Baker, Janko’s Little Zagreb, Bloomington, Indiana (2013)

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