Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, “The Goat Herd of Genzano” (1843)

11 May

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, The Goat Herd of Genzano (1843)

Today I’m featuring one of my favorite paintings by Corot, The Goat Herd of Genzano.  I love the way he does so much with simple earth tones.  There’s a lot going on here in the red-orange-yellow spectrum in both foreground and background.  The complex greens bounce off the earth tones and are vividly counterpointed by the red head scarf of the figure in background left.  (Corot was a genius of green, a notoriously difficult color to get right.)  Corot’s sky is a very pale blue that subtly lends intensity to the oranges throughout the painting.  There’s a very pale pink in the sky, too, which accents his greens.   Corot’s darks are a deep plum which vibes with the yellows and yellow-greens.  Nice.  I dig the goats, too!

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