Bob Baker, “Winter Scene, Waterfall Glen” (2012)

15 Feb

Bob Baker, Winter Scene, Waterfall Glen (2012)

Note: click on the image to enlarge

Here’s my latest.  I’m continuing my “limited palette” experiment.  For this one I restricted myself to Cobalt Blue, Venetian Red, Naples Yellow, Ivory Black and Permalba White.

This scene is from Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve in DuPage County, Illinois, outside Chicago.  Waterfall Glen is basically  comprised of all the land immediately surrounding Argonne National Laboratory.  The flora and fauna of Waterfall Glen is a bit unusual for this part of the Midwest — oak-pine savannah.

There’s a ten-mile trail that takes you completely around the perimeter of the preserve, and this scene is a spot on that trail.   This was at about 4:00 p.m. this past Saturday and the view is to the southeast.  It was a beautiful day and very quiet.  You could hear the trunks of the pine trees creaking in the breeze — and that soft whispering sound pines make when the wind blows.

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