Alfred Sisley, “The Aqueduct at Marly” (1874), “Boulevard Heloise, Argenteuil” (1872) and “Haystack” (1877)

12 Nov

Alfred Sisley, The Aqueduct at Marly (1874)

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time you know I’m a big fan of Alfred Sisley.  He’s maybe the least-recognized of the original Impressionists, and probably my favorite.  Sisley’s work has a meditative tranquility about it that always captivates.  I love the gold tones against the blue of the sky in The Aqueduct at Marly.  Sisley painted Avenue Heloise, Argenteuil standing just to the right of his good friend Claude Monet, who painted the same scene but from the middle of the avenue rather than from the sidewalk.  I prefer Sisley’s composition.  In Haystacks the depth of field isn’t  flat but is somewhat compressed — Cezanne, eat your heart out!  Stylistically, Haystacks also seems to anticipate the Canadian Tom Thomson.  Or do I just see Thomson behind every bush?

Alfred Sisley, Boulevard Heloise, Argenteuil (1872)

Alfred Sisley, Haystack (1877)

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