Bob Baker, “Autumn Soybeans, Abbey of Gethsemani” (2011)

22 Oct

Autumn Soybeans, Abbey of Gethsemani (2011)

Here’s my latest.  If you’re from the Midwest you know the beauty of soybeans in autumn. Entire  hills and fields are ablaze with them.  This particular soybean field belongs to the Abbey of Gethsemani, a Trappist monastery about ten miles outside Bardstown, Kentucky.

For this painting I consciously emulated the technique of one of my all time favorite plein air painters, the Canadian Tom Thomson (whose work has been featured previously here on Art Out The Wazoo).  I have a tendency, at times, to get “dabby” in my application of paint.  Emulating Thomson is a great cure for that.  Thomson applies paint in long, fluid brush strokes that build strong, simple compositions.  Sort of the Ernest Hemingway of oil painting.

In case you’re interested, below is the photograph I worked from and the Thomson painting from which I took my cues.


Thomson painting:

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