Bob Baker, “Barn, Waupaca County, Wisconsin”

23 Jul


Here’s my latest painting, a cool looking barn and out-building in Waupaca County, Wisconsin, near the Chain-of-Lakes in King.  I know the last painting I posted on here was also a barn, but what can I say, I like barns!  Plus I live in the Midwest so it’s a natural.  Maybe I’ll branch out into livestock some day.  Just for fun I’m posting the (more or less) finished painting along with the value study done in Burnt Sienna.

2 Responses to “Bob Baker, “Barn, Waupaca County, Wisconsin””

  1. Dutch Dutchman August 1, 2011 at 11:41 pm #

    I love the barn, Robert. What’s the purpose of the value study (which I like, too)?

    • bobbalouie August 2, 2011 at 12:36 am #

      Basically, the value study, being only a single color, allows you to establish the values (relative brightness and darkness) of the painting without the additional complicating factor of using different colors. It is a way of breaking down the process of painting into more manageable steps.

      For landscape painting, it is very common to tint the whole painting surface in an earth color, like Burnt Sienna, as the first step. (Burnt Sienna is good because it’s a beautiful color, and it will show through the paint of the finished painting in places, imparting sort of a lively glow.) After tinting the painting surface, my next step is to start rubbing away some of the Burnt Sienna with a cloth or paper towel to establish lighter areas, leaving it in place to establish darker areas. This to me is the most critical part of a painting. It’s sort of the skeleton on which the different colors will later be hung.

      This is just what I do. There have been a lot of painters who do it the same way or similarly, and there are many who do it different ways. My way is loosely called “working from negative to positive,” but there are lots of painters who work “positive to negative.” It’s whatever works for the particular painter.

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