Bob Baker, “Barn, Putnam County, Indiana”

20 Jun

Here’s my latest.  I attended my 30th reunion at DePauw University a week or two ago, and while there found time to hit the countryside.  It was a nice day and I got some excellent photos, a number of which I’m turning into oil paintings.  I was attracted to the look of this old barn west of Greencastle.  The barn itself was a mix of cool and warm grays (a lot of red when you looked closely) and it was surrounded by grass in shades of green, gold and red.  Combine all that with a road leading past the barn and into the distance, and what more do you need?

UPDATE:  when I posted this last week I said “what more do you need?”  Well here’s the answer to that question — I kept looking at the painting and finally asked my friend Jim Swanson — a seriously good artist — what he thought.  Jim pointed out a slight drawing error on the front of the barn and suggested adding some windows to the structure to break up the space (a little free remodeling).  Jim is never wrong, so I did both — and cleaned up a couple other little things as well.  Now it’s done.  I’ve inserted a new image of the “finished” barn.

2 Responses to “Bob Baker, “Barn, Putnam County, Indiana””

  1. dutch June 20, 2011 at 9:19 pm #

    Beautiful job, Robert. I can almost hear the summer bugs in the tall grass. Well done.

  2. bobbalouie June 25, 2011 at 12:06 pm #


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