Camille Pissarro, “Red Roofs” (1877)

13 Jun

Like Alfred Sisley, Pissarro was heavily influenced by Corot.  Unlike Sisley, Pissarro saw art as a means of social commentary, with political ramifications.  Pissarro’s compositions are often more complex than those of either Corot or Sisley, but his sense of tone is similar and almost invariably spot on.  As the eldest of the original Impressionists Pissarro had a great deal of influence on the other members of the group.  Red Roofs is a stunner, no?

One Response to “Camille Pissarro, “Red Roofs” (1877)”

  1. Jane June 13, 2011 at 4:42 pm #

    Beautiful! I want to stay there for a month or two….

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